Ask   Hey buds I'm Sander and I act like I know how to play guitar.

90% of conversations with me

me:who is that
me:what are you talking about
me:I don't know what that is
me:wait what
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listen…i think its time x finds himself

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At least I’m doing this for them while you ain’t doing shit. 
I still call them both my best friends. 
Even though I’m existential, 
I’m not leaving them out. 

Don’t ever make anyone apologize for what you said. 
If you’re this contradicting when sober, 
I hope that you fall off your high horse, 
and into your own trail of shit. 

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what has four letters and is very hard




This post got really deep really fast

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full view of the drawing from  this post, working with the metronome again (you can see the video here)
perceptual field  no. 1  (study—each line,  3 seconds long) 

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abstract and incredibly intimate


abstract and incredibly intimate

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i actually did something productive before the last minute for once

i’m gonna stop making dumb text posts for a while now k bye

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one of these days im going to completely forget that i switched my blog to b&w

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guys that think girls dress to impress them are guys who unsuccessfully dress to impress girls

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